Help Me Name My

A largely backed educational grant and support from KNACTM has allowed me to research why the “Name” threads on Kirupa get flamed as they do and/or aren’t as insightful as other assistance requests.

When we conducted our survey of over 1,000 Kirupians, there seemed to be 2 main reasons:

1.) This is a creative forum, for designers, coders… creatives. The whole idea of asking for help on a name is like walking into gunfight and asking to borrow somebody else’s gun.
Your name is personal, it represents you… your company… your style. Asking for help on this tends to just acknowledge that you aren’t all that creative and it upsets the creative gods that rule over the K-Forums with a heavy hand.

2.) These queries of creative nomenclature tend to annoy some because of their vagueness… “Help me name my cat!” Well good sir, we would love to… except we have never met your cat, we don’t know what sort of cat it is… will it be big and fat in which case a name like Fatty McFat Cat would be appropriate or wiring and whiney and in that case, Mr. Matt would suit best… nor do we know what sort of place you live in and where this cat will call home. If it is mostly an indoor cat a name like Charles would be great, if it is an outdoor cat Chuck would be better suited for the more outdoors social scene…

Don’t’ worry though; there are a few occasions where these sorts of requests for assistance are not looked at with such negative attitude. And those are:

A. You have a ridiculous portfolio and your design skills are amazing, so your creativity could never be in question… You simply have name issues.
B. You are not in fact a creative person at all… you are a member here because you’re stalking an ex lover or future ex lover who is a geek.
C. You actually provide a large amount of background on what you are trying to name and a few of your own ideas, for group feedback.

[SIZE=“1”]This has been a paid study provided by the Kirupa Forum Quality Improvement Board and Removal of Redundant Removal Threads Committee [/SIZE]