Help me Please... MX 2004 crash(lack of memory)


Please help me on my problem. I have a Pentium4 3 Ghz Processor with a 760 mb RAM but still MX crashes due to lack of memory. My dilemma started by:

I’m creating a Multimedia Presentation for my company in Flash 5, I’ts all about the company and the Government, I put a lot of pictures and text. The Presentation are divided into 2 parts, English and Arabic. Im done now with the English part, since the Arabic content is same as the content of English I just copy Scenes in English to Arabic. I try to duplicate it giving a different scene name. To give you an idea the fla file size is 33,785 KB. It is working normally in Flash 5, I publish it on EXE and SWF Files easily.

Now, once I imported it to Flash MX 2004, I can’t compile it to EXE or SWF files because it will prompt an error, “Lack of Memory or Memory Unavailable” Given the fact that I do have a higher memory already and a good processor.

The only thing I need to migrate the project to MX from Flash 5 is that, Flash 5 does not support Arabic Text. That is the only thing.

Please help me, My deadline is really coming for this project? I really need your reply.

Thanks in Advanced…