Help me. Swift 3d v2

So im doing the race car tutorial and im done. i did the car and the cameras and when i play the animation it shows the camera movin about in the viewports but when i render the animation it just sits there :frowning: …help plz\r\rthanx- popo

ehe nevermind : ) i dident realize you need to be in the camera view if you want it to follow it in the render

is this ok for my 1st project :slight_smile: ? \r\\r\r…defenitly need to learn how to do a pre loader .;./

That is very great, it would be better if you add mopre frame after stopping.\r\rToo bad i am very beginner to this and cannot even make a simple movie

It took me some time to figure it out too…I actualy looked at some flash tutorals for tweening and thats how i figured out how to make the car move.