HELP! MY sony computer came with 2 harddrives and

My new sony computer came with 2 harddrives. One is 10 gigs and the other is 120, windows came installed on the 10 gig for reasons i am not sure of and bascially, when i do some really intense FLashing, it says i dont have enough memory. IS there a way to change your primary harddrive, either in Flash MX2004 or just in XP? Thanks


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On some programs you can set the scratch disk to be another hard drive. Not sure where that is on Flash though.

Yeah thats what i did in PS but i cant find it in FLash mx2004

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Why dont you just reformat and change the 120 gig to your primary drive and install windows on it?

ok your suppsed to install to the big hard drive and leave the lil one alone the lil one being empty allows for yuor comp to run faster nad yuo could always set which drive is primary and which one is secondary in the bios on my comp so everythingelse will install to the big drive

will it erase everything if i change it in the bios? Does the primary drive have ot have windows installed?

Changing it in the bios will erase nothing. You don’t have to have windows installed on the primary hard drive but if you don’t I think you need to tell windows where to boot from before you shut down by running msconfig.exe, I’m not 100% sure about that though so don’t quote me if it ****s up :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re supposed to install windows on the little one, and then put EVERYTHING else on the big one.

I am guessing you screwed the pooch when installing programs ?

My XP with IIS PHP MYSQL is only 1.5G

So if you have it installed on a 10G drive that would leave 8.5G for the swap file and its never EVER gonna use that much.

So I would try 1 of 2 things.

  1. Uninstall all your programs and reinstall them on the 120G drive.

  2. Go to the system setting and change your swap/page file to the 120G drive.

But thats just me and I often don’t know what I am on about. =)