Help my website it BORING! Small business seeking fresh design

Help my website is sooo boring! My site is hosted by of which only offer the basic templates that cover background colors and placement of features. My site is [URL=“”]

OVERVIEW OF MY BUSINESS: I sell equipment for horses which is called TACK. I have 3 main suppliers and about 1500 items listed in my store. I plan to add many more suppliers and products as soon as my hubby is done building my store. Most suppliers require a “real store” before they will sell product to me. I sell only top quality name brand items as I have found it to be alot less hassle than selling a huge bulk of low cost junk.

ABOUT THE INDUSTRY: I have found that most of my main competitor’s sites are super boring and very low-tech. For example: ; [URL=“”] [URL=“”]; ; [URL=“”] …etc. I feel with my ideas that I can make my customer’s buying experience fun, informative and easy.

PRODUCT DESIGN: I have several products that my customers have the option to customize before placing the order. I would like my customers to “virtually” design these products in my store before buying. Not sure what the technical name for that is. In the Western Products industry this feature would be extreme cutting edge…I have yet to find a site with similar product that uses this feature!

Being the sole owner/manager who also has a full-time job besides the e-comm site, my budget is currently limited. But I feel a student/freelancer could have fun with this challenge and judging by my competition, easily blow by them in no time!..which would add a huge feather in the designer’s cap! I also have an Ebay store with proudly 100% feedback rating at if you’d like to check my profile.

I am also open to price quotes from professionals!