Help needed, adding a function to a movie clip

hi, i am new to flash so my question might be simple but for me its very important to get the answer quickly,
now here is what i am trying to do.
i want to add a flashing text to my scene( triggerred on an event) for that i want to make a movie clip in which i am displaying a text from frame 1 to 5 and looping back to 1 on frame 5 so it displays “1” all the time , then from frame 6 to 8 i am displayint the “1” character and than from 8 to 10 the frame display nothing so basically when frame 6 to 10 is running it gives a blinking effect.
now i want to write two funtions to call ( using gotoandplay)frame 1 and frame 6 so that i can controll when to flash that “1” charactor and when to display it .
i want to have multiple instances of this movie clip in my scene.
can any one help me with that telling me where to define /declare these function and how to call them .

Well you don’t need to loop from 1 to 5 first off.

Create the movie clip with whatever text you want it to display normaly, without blinking in frame 1. Then from frame 2 to 4 have the text displayed, and from 5 to 7 have no text displayed.

create a new blank layer in this movie clip.

on frame 1 of the new layer, place a stop(); action.
on frame 7 place a gotoAndPlay(2); action

now for this example, I’m using an instance name of “myMovieClip” for this movie clip.

When you want it to be normal you call
when you want it to be blinking you call