Help needed: event dispatch

Well, I have the problem that I want to have one clip (a button in this case) dispatch an event when clicked, then I want another clip (a movie clip) to be listening for that event and start to play (flashing) when it happens. THe problem is that it doesn’t seem to be taking the hint, or listening to the event dispatch. I may be doing this wrong (probably) but a friend of mine said I should start using event dispatch instead of hard coding all cases for functions to be run.

At this point it is just a circle and square, but I will eventually be needing it to have multiple clips listening for the same event (hopefully I can accomplish this by having their lisening functions located within the clips, less crowded that way).

I am using a modified version of the third code block on the event dispatch tutorial (if you want to know) on (this site). I have attached the file so if people could DL and take a look at it before getting back to me with help that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,