Help needed setting up my Router!

I have a NTL broadband connection and have bought a router so I can split it, and the cost with my housemates!

I have managed to connect to the router and go through the setup processes, but even after I have completed them it does not connect to the net. I must be doing something wrong.

when I have plugged everything in correctly, and run the WINIPCFG.exe program, & “released” the information I can then connect to the router by typing in where the set up screen appears.

I think everything is ok until I get to a screen that has 2 boxes:

VCI & VPI. The instructions say set VCI to 38 and leave VPI at 0 - is this right?

The next part asks for “Authentication information” - username and password. What should I put here? we don’t need a password or anything to connect to NTL… so I left it blank.

Next is IP configuration, and my suspicion as to the main problem. it has 2 boxes again that say:

Local WAN IP Address & Remote WAN IP Address.

If I go to winipcfg.exe it tells me my IP address for NTL without the router should I enter this… or something else? I left this blank also…

The final part is to enter the DNS. Again on winipcfg it tells me the DNS for NTL without the router, should I enter this or something else?

I hope you can help me.
Any info left is much appreciated!