Hi there, I’m new to this site…

(yes i posted the exact same thing in a different section, but it was the wrong section, and this seems more fitting for my issue, ANYWAY)

I’m making an RPG sorta game, where you select enemies and fight them, and im having some difficulty with scripts… here are my 2 problems…

1, i want it so that when you defeat an enemy its button deletes, (i’ve tried putting some scripts in the “win” frame, but to no avail, so what is a script i could put in the “win” frame that would delete that button?

2, i want it so when you defeat ALL the enemies, (and all of their buttons have been deleted) a NEW button pops up on the home page and you fight the boss. so, what scripts should i do for that?

your help will be greatly appreciated.
thanks. :slight_smile:

ps, if you did’t understand what i meant by my game, check out my lame little site, and you’ll see what i mean ,<here> (its only what i’ve got so far, the files called RPG DEMO)

pps, im using flash 8