Help on this one, URGENT!

Hi everyone,
I really need help on this one.
I have this movieclip (it is actually contained into another mc, but this doesn’t matter at this time), which loads thru the usual XML some pictures, their captions, their thumbnails and everything.
So far so good, everything works perfectly fine.
The people I’m doing this for though want to be able to open a popup window for each of the pictures present in the xml file, that btw looks like this:

<comment>blah blah</comment>

They want this to be done so that you can email directly the picture you want to someone using windows’ menu.

Here’s where this should be done:

I’m a bit frustrated…
Can I simply add a node in the xml file, like <popup>click here to open in popup</popup> and have this link to open the node’s image?

Please somebody help! :hurt: