Help passing a variable to FLVPlayer

I am working on a little gallery to play FLV clips. I have gotten the following working:

Frame 1 (labeled list) has a list of the videos with thumbnails that have the following variables assigned for onPress:
videoPath = “path/to/video.flv”;
returnTo = “list”;

Frame 10 (labeled player) has an embedded FLVPlayer Component which grabs the videoPath and plays the video referenced.

Now I am working with a scrolling component I found online so I can have a longer list of videos in Frame 1 but the long list is inside its own movieclip.

So I have made the variables global:

_global.videoPath = “path/to/video.flv”;
_global.returnTo = “list”;

and it still works except it wont play the video.

I have the following on the FLVPlayer component frame:
// Begin playing the FLV file;

where videoplayer is the instancename of the FLVComponent.

Any ideas why it’s not working? I’m a bit of a newb at actionscript so if you need more info let me know.