Parsing in a path var to the flv component

hello hello

ok, So I have been using the flv playback component for several projects… no problems there. I have been hard coding (in the components properties) the path to the flv source so far and now would like to parse in a variable to the component so I can alter the path without opening the flash file. I thought this would be relatively straight forward but I am hitting some problems with it. I followed the tutorial here:

but cannot get it to work. The player itself is being embedded on the page using the AC_FL_RunContent method ie:

<script type=“text/javascript”>
if (hasRequestedVersion) {
“src”, “PreviewParseTest?video=Preview.flv”,
“width”, “512”,
“height”, “288”,
“align”, “middle”,
“id”, “news”,
“quality”, “high”,
“bgcolor”, “#000000”,
“name”, “work display”,
‘wmode’, “none”,
“type”, “application/x-shockwave-flash”,
‘codebase’, ‘’,
‘allowFullScreen’, ‘true’,
“pluginspage”, “

                    } else {  
                        var alternateContent = '&lt;p&gt;You need flash to view this preview. Please &lt;a href="" title="get adobe flash player here"&gt;click here&lt;/a&gt; to download the lastest flash player.&lt;/p&gt;';

What am I missing here? Any help, as ever would be really appreciated. Thanks