Help please - external pop up windows

Can someone tell me why my external pop windows are not working, or only sometimes working in my movie?

I would have to say this is an urgent problem and I need to get it fixed immediately.

This is my first flash project and at first this site worked fine… it was switched to a new server last week and now the pages that have external pop up windows are not working on some computers, or working occasionally, or strangely, always working for me.


There are two pages with links to external pop up windows.

1 - “concept plan” - on the map are two areas with the word “click” on the map… neither of these will pop up.
2 - “community” - two icons titled ‘westpointe’ and parkside’ neither of these will pop up

Again, these are working for me, but I have had several people check and some don’t get them at all, and some occasionally will pop up.

I checked the movie and the links all seem fine… I have reloaded it several times and even tried it on different servers, all with the same result.

Obviously I have done something wrong… can anyone please give me some suggestions. Thanks