Help Please! I dont know what went wrong

I was making an rpg and i got the walking to work. Then i decided to put an extra sceen in where you put your name in and stuff and i finished it and ran it and it wouldn’t walk properly anymore!!?!?! Please help me!! :frowning:

Go To:
To Get The File.

I think you have to email it to yourself!?!?

Can you post some code of where you suspect the problem?

I havent a clue where it went wrong!!:puzzle:

Please Help Me!!! :frowning:

well according to your fla, you still only have 1 frame, but 2 layers, you want 1 layer, 2 frames.

1st: use frames! scenes are evil. There is nothing you can do with scenes you can’t do with named frames too.
2nd: you have 2 layers.
the upper one contains the “stat” MovieClip, the lower one contains the “item”. basically your Item gets hidden behind the MC named “stat”.
so if you want the “item” MC be visible in the empty spot, it should be placed in a layer above the “stat” layer.

here, click on the link

[url=“”]clicky (save target as)