Help Please

Does anyone know of sites that i can host .swf’s on?

also how would i get the ‘snow tutorial effect’ on a sig? ( i already made the effect)

Nobody wants to help? lol please??? bump bump

all hosts accept .SWFs. to get your footer working you need to first put it on the web, then look at this thread

first off, since you’re pretty new, i’d recommend putting an appropriate title for threads you make. it will get your question answered faster.

to answer your questions, just make a sig fla the correct dimensions of sigs here (there are rules and instructions posted, just use the search in the forums). i use . free hosting which allows hotlinking, which is really what you need for a sig.

no all hosts dont accept .swfs, and i want my image to overlap my sig so it looks like snow is falling and in the back i have my sig

im totally clueless on what to do and its frustrating me very much…

Basically ALL i want to do is this : I have a sig .jpg and i have a flash image .swf… now i want to take the .swf and put it ontop of the .jpg so it looks like it is snowing on the sig… is there anyway i can do this?! thank you

why don’t you just put the jpg, in the flash…

hey macneilslt, thats just too easy…he wants a challenge! =)

ok ! thanks, now i made the sig nd i added the snow to it but the snow comes up as a blank thing just with a frame and no color inside… also the dot that i used as the snow is still on the background?