Snow Tutorial

Hey, i just got Flash MX and i am new to this forum… I was going to do the Snow tutorial but i was wondering if i could put that on a signature… if i am able to put it on a signature do i make the sig first then add the snow? or make the snow first and then somehow add it to the sig… any help would be greatly appreciated thx :thumb:

you make the snow in a flash movie, upload it to the internet, and put it on your sig.


so i just make the sig, and make the snow seperatly and then upload them both to a site or sumthing and then? lol im cluelesss

dude, come on. have you ever even used flash? follow the tutorial! you can embed swfs in this forum


[size=2][font=Arial]Create a new document. Set the width and height of your movie to be 300 by 200. Set your frame rate to 25, is what it says in the tutorial. I need the sig to be 450 - 75 so do I create the snow thing the size it tells me or the size of the sig?

and how do i embed a .swf?

onClipEvent (load) {
width = 300;
height = 200;

change those 2 numbers to the width and height of your movie.

check the vbcode manual.

have you used flash? this isn’t a terribly difficult problem…


no i havnt used flash so to me it is a terribly difficult problem :frowning: thanks for your time

better yet… read all of this: click

whats the difference between that snow and

the one i said has a better explanation. read it before you ask me again.

all of it.


nvm figured out my problem :smiley: reading it now

ok im done reading it, lol

now you know what to do.


yep except i cant find which movie clip to click on this step ? Now, let’s add some code to create falling snow. Right click on the movie clip and select Actions.

there isnt a dialogue box for me to put the code in …

…uh, the little white circle…


gr this is frustrating me… which little white circle, the snowflake i made?

ok, dude, attach your fla.


ok 1 sec

the file… omg, you don’t know what a fla is?

hit save, choose desktop, save it as snow. then choose attach file on this forum and choose snow.