Help please,

Hi guys,
I have posted b4 about the Ray of light tutorials i have found in flash kit and FX. I find them complicated to follow (thats coz im slow). Especially where and when they want the reader to work on the symbol or the actual scene (i cant follow) also when to add key frames. So if anyone has some additional notes that can be added to these tutorials can u please let me now…

(yeah yeah I know, i aint that BRIGHT! …lol)


I’m working on this for a couple of newbies already. I’ll try to make the tutorial as easy to follow as possible. :slight_smile: It will take a few weeks to complete, but I’ll post in this forum in a thread entitled “Ray of Light tutorial for Newbies” when I get it all together. Hope you can hold out for that long.

Cool, Must be hard to write a tutorial like that cause it involves a lot of work!, hehehe u cant script that kind of effect. Hopefully Flash 6.0 will have Super Gradient capabilities.

Thanks upaut8,

I can wait i think, but can i keep buggin you as a reminder? lol just so u dont forget…



Dont worry Sam i’ll hassle him too. hehe

Hmmm same here I already ***** at’em on AIM to hurry up!!! lol b/c I got stuck at tha gradient part, b/c i didnt understand how to succesfully create an actual gradient that works in another shape.

There’s a good idea for you kirupa. Create a tutorial on gradients and how to make them fit inside of shapes that aren’t squares… :slight_smile: