Yo upuaut [spelling?]

umm… i THINK its you [late at night here]

how do u make your ray of light footer… i need to spiff up some buttons i got and i wanna make that as the rollover command… got a tutorial? i searched through the forums for a minute and gave up so if its already posted… shoot me i’m lazy =]


u can get the tutorial from flashkit.com buts its kinda boring. I think Upuat should write a new one ray of light since he has mastered the technique…i would write one myself but im already working on 2 tutorials so…

yeah if u have seen my website so far… with the kewl designs =] then u know… i want to make those buttons have that effect… and i think it woudl rok.

Hmm…that iz a good idea…perhaps i will try it.

he gave me tha link, but it’s hard as fuk

I cant get tha gradients working right…it sux :frowning:

the tutorial could be done… but it would take some time. I havne’t mastered that … I just did it once. :wink:

please =]

I’ll see what I can do… like I said though… what you’re asking is not an easy task. :slight_smile:

true, the ray of light is tedius and ca not be done with script, only hours of labor.

pwetty peeze =]