Help Pllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hi guys, a big big problem!!
I’m stuck!!

well the problem:

in the main screen I’ve got a movie and that movie does contain another movie( two movie in each other )
from the inner movie I’m loading an swf file(load.swf), if a button has been pressed, it said loading in level 80
then later on in the same movie I’m loadin another swf file (screen1.swf) in level 2
well a U see the level 80 still does exit( so you should be able to see the load logo)
after a loop for checking to see if the screen1.swf is loaded, if yes it will unload the load.swf from level 80
and level 2 will start playing(p.s. the first frame of the screen1.swf is empty and it is on stop)

well what is happening:
A. if everything is already on your machine(U’ve loaded everything B4) everything is working fine.

B. in the first time streaming, with a normal modem, it is start showing the loading logo fine up 2 now ( which is in level 80) , but when it is start
loading the screen1.swf in to level 2, before even that finishes, the loading logo is not showing anymore, and it is stucking there.
if I refresh the screen everything is working fine

thx pals