HELP (preloader sh*t)

hi, im trying to load my movie before it plays, ive used a tout from this site. The code i am using is

if (_framesloaded>=_totalframes) {
gotoAndPlay (2);
} else {
gotoAndPlay (1);

ive put a big picture in my move to check if it loads. But it dont, it simply starts to play, and stops at the picture to load it.
in the loading frame ive put a movie clip to show while i load.

why wont it load ???
please help!


Why did you put there gotoAndPlay();
use gotoAndStop

When i put stop it stops the whole movie, like it doesnt check if the movie is loaded any more.

Why am i the only one in the world who cant make a preloader

show me your .fla or something…

Ok ive tried all the preloader touts. How can i preload a whole movie, with different scenes and all?

Oh you have scenes and stuff???
I know nothin’ about scenes… sry m8 maybe sumbody else can help ya with that! :frowning: