Ok, I have built my preloader, and put a stop on it when the loader’s done, bringing you to the frame with the “play movie” button, then when you click it the movie begins, but my question is, how do you make a preloader a PREloader?! It acts as part of the movie, and the whole movie loads before it plays, I’m not understanding the problem here

Even though many people don’t do it this way anymore

I tend to put my preloader in a seperate Scene. Lets say I use Scene1 as my preloader scene. Configure the preloader to load Scene 2 and then when Scene 2 is loaded to stop at your start button.

Then have your start button gotoAndPlay Scene 2

I hope that was understandable…lol.

[size=1]and not to mention that there’s 100 tutorials on this exact
thing out there. Kirupa even has some…imagine that! =)

and like I said, there’s tons of others on other boards as well.
Hope this helps…


You are right about that one unflux, but most of the tutorials you can find on this site or forum have to do with preloading in the same scene.

And well, if you noticed, people who use that method usually post about the same exact problem. I don’t know if maybe they are doing something wrong, or if it is just the method, but I do know that I have never had a problem when I use the preloader in a different Scene, so I stick with the method I know and trust.

here, this was just a preloader test, it’s not my actual movie, and it takes forever to load cause I put an MP3 on there, I had to have something big so I could see if the preloader worked, I put it on a site (I didn’t intend for it to be a nice site, lol)

and it’s taking FOREVER, so I’m assuming that it’s loading the whole movie, that was my question. I know there’s tutorials and everything.

And you mentioned it’s the old way of doing that? What do you do now? Is there another form of a preloader I havn’t heard of? Or just havn’t thought of

Ok, did you add your sound in the frames where your preloader starts?

If so, then that may be what is causing your problem. Flash might be trying to load the sound first, causing the delay in the preloader. This is only theory though. Try moving your sound to the frames AFTER your preloader.

As for the old method.

The old method of preloading is to put a preload in Scene1 and add these actions…

if (_framesloaded>=_totalframes) {
} else {
	gotoAndPlay (1);

That is how I do mine. The nextScene is like a gotoAndPlay the scene after this one. What this code says is that is the amount of frames loaded are greater than or equal to the total amount of frames then gotoAndPlay the next scene, but if they aren’t, then gotoAndPlay frame 1 of this scene to loop the loading animation.

Well I use more advanced with loading bars and stuff, but I am not going get into that right now.

alright, I’ll try that, I’m not on my computer right now, so I might submit my .fla file later if I’m still stumped


get into that right now

i would really love to know how to make a preloader with the loading bars an %'s

cant find a tute! need to hear ti from a real person!

Here’s my crappy preloader (yes, it’s suposed to look bad, it’s a test for my movie)

oops, it didn’t add the file

[size=1]ok my mistake…didn’t notice that detail about it.

I also use a different scene for the preloader…matter of fact,
almost identical to the way you do it…hehe. I guess great minds
think alike. =)

Neo_Clone01 - not sure you understand what it is that this code
lostinbeta posted actually is. It doesn’t load % or display it. It
simply checks to see of a certain frame (in this case all frames) of
the next scene are loaded completely before it moves on to it. If
not, then it simply loops within its own scene until the entire 2nd
scene is loaded. Make sense?

There are tutes out there for % preloaders…let me find one and
get back to you on it.

Personally, I think it’s a lot of extra code for something the visitor
could care less about…just my .


that’s how you do it? What’d I do wrong in it??? It’s not an issue of loading the preloader, it’s an issue of showing it before the movie, lol, hmmmmmmmmmm

[size=1]I put this together real quick so you can see what it is we
are referring to. Hard to explain without an example to follow. I
wrote it a little bit different from lostinbeta’s code for this
example, but you will get the idea and see how his works just as
well, if not better.


Let me know if you have any questions about it.


dead link :*(

[size=1]try again…sorry :-\


Is there another way to do a preloader? Like, at the very first frame put the movie “Loading…” or whatever, then on the next frame, is there some actionscript about onmovieload, or something, that, when the WHOLE movie is done loading, it plays the next frame, but it still loads and plays the first frame before that?

You can’t play frames 1 and 3 at the same time if that is what you mean.

I don’t think that’s what I mean… is it? like… having a preloader… umm… ugh, how do I say it. Does Flash, have some kinda actionscript, where after the movie is loaded, it plays a specific sequence?

not unless you tell it to…here, lemme see if this helps…
<U>These are Frames</U>

[1] has preloader actions
[2] has gotoAndPlay(1) actions in case your movie isn’t loaded
[3] has gotoAndPlay(5)
[4] has gotoAndPlay(4)
[5] has gotoAndPlay(3)

Now your new sequence of playing will be…


Or something along those lines.

wow, this must be annoying, but I totally didn’t get that. Why you would tell it to go back frames, cause it’d just keep playing them over… and what are the preloader actions?

Hmm… if this is getting way obnoxious I don’t NEED a preloader quite yet, I’ll live