HELP, QUESTION and so on

This has been asked before by the mods here, allow me to refresh on this:
PLEASE, when you do need help or have a question (as almost everybody…),
put something meaningfull in the posts title,
instead of Help, Need help, One more question and the like.
Many people (me at least) don’t bother to read those posts anymore,
if I see an interesting question in the title, I’ll try to find the answer…
More questions?

This is weird, last time a checked, this had been viewed 5 times, now it’s back down to 0, I noticed this before here, you get answers, but the ‘view’ counter is 0, how can that possibly be?!

I asked this one once, joe… I was told it was because the ezboard was like the ghetto of boards and that things like this happen :slight_smile:

EZ board has a roll-back bug and it rolls back the number of views. Not sure why, or how it works, but it does it. Ezboard is ghetto that way.

Yep, looks like…now it’s back to 5…only…to bad for any ‘help’-entitled post…