Kirupa - Q's about EZ boards

Kirupa-\r Hey, I have one needful Q about EZ. They state that you can only have 100 topics. Now on your main Forum page you have 12-14 Forums, with sup-topics when you go there. Does that count for everyone who posts a new topic? Is that part of the 100? Or is it the main Forum headlines you have on the opening page that they are speaking about? Can you clarify this for me? I have read their documentation but this is still a tad sketchy. I wanna know what I am up against, cause if it what I fear I will not be far behind in forking over the money outright for VBulleteins as this possibly looks like a suckers contract the more I learn. Lets start with that one, then I will ask the others.\r\rThanks-\rPhil De’leter

I think that they are talking about forum. Each forum is a topic. A hundred is far too many… I’ve seen it attempted… it’s not a pretty site. :slight_smile: \r\r[c]\rEmbedded Scripts and Applets not allowed \r[/c]

Upuat-\r Thanks! Thats what I was hoping. I was afraid that each time someone started a new thread inside a Forum Topic it would count as part of the 100. Agreed, 100 is phar too many. But in each Forum, people can start as many new threads as they choose? Cause they call these Topics and it is a tad confusing.\r\r I got to delete a user and his hate filled posts this morning; I banned his IP. Pretty bad stuff. But apparently it worked as he has not been able to post another and I am sure he has tried. LOSER! He deserves a spanking from his Mom & Dad, regardless of how old he is.\r\r Next Q; Pageviews; Lets say I get to Kirupas Topic Forum, and press refresh 5 times. Is that 5 pageviews? Are message replies inside the processor considered pageviews? Does each time someone previews a message BEFORE posting it count as a pageview; I could go on and on but you get the idea upuat, what counts as a pageview, are you clear in your understanding of this?\r\rThanks-\rPhilbert\r:p

I wouldn’t worry about that. Ezboard has yet to make that page view counter work correctly. It is my impression that the page view count would be updated each time you refreshed the page, yes.\r\r[c]\r<embed src=“” quality=high pluginspage=“” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” width=“400” height=“500”>\r </embed> \r[/c]

Like the artwork Upuat! Neato!\r\rpj\r:p

Check out the rest in the test forum… or at\r\

Upuat-\r I like the satelite the best of all, pretty neat stuff. But if you can make the robot shoot rays out of his eye and destroy stuff, it will then become #1.\r\rpj\r:p

what exactly is that for?

Sentience is an online strip style comic I’m developing.\r\rThere are still some glitches to work out. I have some small details to redo on each of the robots that I’m developing AND I’ve writen in something like 100 different functioning robots… so it could take me a while. Mostly it’s just for fun, but I have a pretty good plot line developing.\r\rmy latest… and one of the still panels that will be used once I get some more detail on the walls.\r\r\r<EMBED src= quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=400></embed>