Help removing white from animation


I’m creating a animation sequence for a film at my filmschool, and for that im using PAP (plastic animation paper).

This program is sweet, but when im exporting the frames for coloring, there exported as grayscale jpegs, which i then want to color in Photoshop. The problem is just that, when im coloring in Photoshop, i place the frame on a new layer and set it to ‘multiply’ to make the white see through.

The problem is when im importing my frames to After Effects, the white color is still visible. Maybe some alpha masking could solve it, please help.

This is how it looks in After effects if i on my layer in photoshop adds an inverted mask of the same frame… i get this small white outline on my drawing if you look at the original size of this pic :frowning:

And this is how it looks using ‘multiply’… No background :frowning: