HELP! Scrolling dynamic movie loaded via attachMovie?

Ok, I’m just about ready to pull my hair out on this project. I’ve been working on this problem for 4 days and haven’t come up with anything!

What I have is a news blogger that is loaded via xml which uses php to write to the xml file. I have my “blogger” movie clip that loads all of the different blogger info into it. It is loaded into a blank container movie clip via attachMovie and when the user adds a new blog it creates new instance of it and moves the rest down. All works great with that.

Now the problem is after the client creates more then 3 blogs, it begins to run off the site. So what I need to do is put it into a scroller. Now I have gotten it into the scroller but it seems that the scroller is not seeing the actual size of the container clip that is holding all of these instances of the “blog” movie that is loaded from attachMovie. The size will change depending on how many blogs there are and I need to figure out how to add script to calculate that. I figured an autoSize may work but there was no luck there! Does anyone know how to fix this. Please, I’ve really ran out of options and it is crunch time now to get this done!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Here is the code I have to load the “blogitem” movie into the blank container movie.

var i = 0;
if (gateXML.hasChildNodes())
	child = gateXML.firstChild;
	while (child != null)
		var name = "bl" + i;
		var tmp = _root.main.holder.mc_content.attachMovie("blogitem", name, i);
		tmp._x = 21;
		tmp._y = 70 + 105 * i;
		tmp.title = child.attributes.title; =; =;
		tmp.body = child.attributes.body;
		tmp.linktitle = child.attributes.linktitle;
		child = child.nextSibling;
	} // end while
} // end if
stop ();