HELP site managment questions

Ok i have been stuck for a while here on this. I started making a site i have 4 pages. Now, when i go to folders the files open up on the right side under “contents” rather opening up on the right under folders.

I need help with site managment i’m still not understanding this. Also, do i really need to use the “navigation” on the right side to really make your site? When i get over this hump of management i will be happy LOL.

I make my site from scratch i hit the white icon on the top left to make my site.

Also, the problem i have is making seperate folders for my site. i made a site for a friend then mine. I had to make seperate folder for each site because i had no idea what site i was opening. I know there is an easier way.

This is the most important part of making a site and i need to know what i am doing. :slight_smile:


Hello again,
I think you double posted, I’ll delete this thread in a few hours because it seems very similar to your other post =)