HELP anyone.. here's the problem

Ok, i have had a problem with site management. I know the confsuion now where
maybe someone can help me. I just ran into a tutorial on line and hmmm…i
know why i am confused.

What i am scratching my head about is… I have 4 pages to my site and to
start each page i just hit “new page” the white paper icon on the top left
side. That’s how i started making my site. Now, i think that is the wrong way

How do should i have started my site with one page web or empty page? what is
the difference between them both?

How can i correct what i did wrong?

When i open the folder on left the folder open on the right side not the left
under folders why?

Also does using the navigation on the left really matter when making your
site and seeing it laid out?

Hey pookie65,
Sorry for the delay in responding :slight_smile: I usually create an Empty Web and add pages as needed by using either File | New or Save As. Make sure you create a FrontPage Web first; empty or one-page web usually work well. You can create a new Web and import the 4 pages you created into it. That should help solve your problem.

Also, I don’t ever use any of the Folder List views when editing a page. All I have displayed in the page view is my document and nothing else. You can disable/enable any extra window ‘additions’ by going to the Views menu.

ok i can paste the site into a new web but, then i have two index pages (new web) and my site. What do i do with that?

Also i tried the transition effect and it wouldnt preview in the browser i was wondering why. Also what is confusing to me is when making a new web such as (empty web) why does it have a # such as my web #16? on the icon? that is confusing. How do u know what site u made is #16?

Hey monica,
Which index page do you need to use on the combined site. Keep the index page that you want to use, and rename the other index page something like index2.htm to make it easy for you to differentiate between the index files.

When you are creating a New Web, you have the option of entering a new name. When you select New Web, the Web Page Templates dialog box will appear. On the right of that box, you will see the 'Specify location…" text field area. The last word in that location is the name of your web. Replace myweb# with something more descriptive. What you can do now (because you already have the Web created), find that folder in Windows Explorer. Rename that Web into something easier to remember. Once you rename your Web via Windows Explorer, you can open that Web in FrontPage again.

Transitions are strange because they are supported by most browsers, yet they are disabled by default. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools | Internet Options. Select the Advanced tab from the Internet Options dialog box you should see. Under browsing (in IE 6), make sure the box ‘Enable page transitions’ is checked. That should ensure your transitions play when you view them. I don’t believe Netscape even supports page transitions, but I am not too sure about that.

@#%$ i am having a freaking hard time understanding this site management folder crap LOL. Like i said i made a site starting with all new pages never made an empty web for them. I have 4 pages so far.

I can still do my site that way? I made an empty web wiped out the name in dialog box where it says specify location c:/ my webs etc. and typed in “” and called it “my site”. Is that correct? I go into “open web” and see the name “” ( look in portion ) on top. How can i transfer my 4 pages into that empty web i just made?

Or can i just leave it without an empty web? I am so @#%$ confused. If i have to transport my 4 pages into the empty web how can i get the icon " in in the “open web” area rather than just having a folder like i do now.

Hey pookie,
You do not have to create a new FrontPage Web to edit your files. You can edit and link your files without having them confined to a FrontPage Web. The only real advantage of keeping your files in a FrontPage web is that you have access to more cool features such as a search form, navigation bars, etc.

To transfer the four pages you made, simply go to File | Import. Select the HTML files and get them imported into your Web. If you are daring, you can use Windows Explorer and navigate to the folders containing your FrontPage Web and copy and paste them into your Web also!