Help! Trouble with OR operator in if statement

I’m trying to check to see if all the other movieclips on the stage are on frame 1. If they are, then on release of this button go to and stop on frame 2 of a specified movieclip. If any of the conditions in the if statement are false (any of the movieclips are not on frame 1) then I want to send all of the movieclips on the stage to frame 1 and then send the specified movieclip to frame 2. The code that I am using is below. I have placed this code on the instance of the button and all the movieclips and button are on the main stage.

Please tell me why it’s not working!!!

on (release) {
 if (polPlan_mc._currentframe == 1 || baseDB_mc._currentframe == 1 || polNum_mc._currentframe == 1 || paidTo_mc._currentframe == 1) {
 } else {