Probably a n00b question :) about the OR statement

sup guys, … i’m prbably gonna bang my heads for this but here goes :slight_smile:

i’m building a simple Actionscipt gallery that dynamically loads pictures into a movieclip. These pictures are named gallery0.jpg, gallery1.jpg, gallery2.jpg, etc.

i assigned a curFrameNum var that keeps track of the current pic.

what i’m trying to do is when a certain pic shows up, i want to display a textbox, but since there are many pictures that would share the same textbox i need to use a suitable OR operator.

here’s the code

function FotoCheck() {
	if ((curFrameNum + 1) == 7 | 8 | 9 | 20) {
		this.Fotograf._alpha = 100;
		} else {
		this.Fotograf._alpha = 0;

but i can’t get it to working :pirate3: i also tried replaceing the | with || and |= … Help me please!!!

thanks, guys :angel: