Help with a thinkpad

im pretty sure this isnt the right place but its short notice and i couldnt think of anything else…so here it is
quite simply, i recently acquired and ibm thinkpad 365 xd, i say acquired because i found it lying on the curb on trash pcikup day. so i picked it up, it had win 98 installed. i thought hey, thisll be cool so i take it in and stupidly format the entire c drive. now im in a bit of a fix because it just wont let me start it up anymore. if i put in the win 98 startup disk it says and boot it up
“invalid system disk replace the disk and strike any key”
i have an old win 98 cd but as of now im not sure how to get it loaded. anyhelp would be much appreciated. but im not setting my hopes up too high

go to another comp that has 98 installed and create a boot disk from a 3.5 floppy. Then you should get a start-up menu and select whichever one says “Start computer with CD-ROM Support” and then run setup… that should work…

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“invalid system disk replace the disk and strike any key”

The “any key” is not actually a key called the “any key”. It is actually just any one of the keys on your keyboard. That should help. And I’m pretty sure that if you find something like that and take it without reporting it to the police its considered stealing. THIEF, THIEF, STOP HIM, THIEF!!!

man I wish I found working notepads on the side of the road
that’d be friggin sweet.

…hell, that’d be my dream come true so long as it could run mpeg’s and whatnot and a word processor. School use, here I come! Movies on the go, here we… go.

nah it isnt stealing if someones throwing it away. me and my friend actually went to the dumpsters earlier when they came last spring and found a haul. 2 working pentium 1s one with two working 128 memory things, obviously i took onw, the other pc went straight to my room ands was resotred. found a printer three monitors, a 486, really old but it had a floppy drive which was fun to take apart, a thinkpad docking station, a perfect condition dell laptop case and lots of keyboards. among other things we found chinese wood carvings and a couple of quarters. funny thing was we had to carry all this stuff back on bikes. it took forever

free stuff rocks. like my copy of flash. my dads dumass friend gave me a brand new unopened box for no apparent reason. i get a lot fof free suff. hmm… if i put each letter of this post in a single post, id have many posts…what if i did every single letter? whoo id be swimming in it

hey warcow, thnks for the input it solved all my problems. and whats the thing with the word thief? to my knowledge im the second person who received the title from you. i believe kirupa was the first??
:A+: whoa never saw that there.
ah wheres the **** submit button…