Help with Apache

I had no idea where to post this.

I am now running Apache server 2.x and Im happy to say it is working just fine.

I have a directory on my desktop, let’s call it, mydir… so…

c:\documents and settings\montoya\mydir

Here’s my question…

I want to be able to say… http:\localhost

and have it point to c:\documents and settings\montoya\mydir
thefore pulling files from that directory.

I thought it was an alias thing…

your help is greatly appreciated.

it might be easier to make the folder on your destop a shortcut to http:\localhost

Um… I may have misrepresnted my problem.

I want to webenable a folder outside of the htdocs in Apache.

For example, if I have a folder c:\myfolder,

I want to web-enable it in Apache.

Thank you.

i understood your problem. but same result && easier to do = a good thing

in linux, there’s a DocumentRoot directive in httpd.conf which defines which directory is your live one. i’d assume that there’s a similiar file for windows.

if you change it, your htdocs directory will no longer be the DocumentRoot, and it won’t be live anymore.

there may be a way to make more than one root live. maybe ask on an apache forum. ; )

i came across this link:

it suggests changing your DocumentRoot to C:/ and then setting security settings.

this means you are serving your whole C drive! be afraid … be very afraid…

in the example they restrict access to, the local adaptor. pretty good idea. ; )

thanks. I know there is a way to do it. I know it is a virtual directory thing, but… I have no idea how to do it.