Help with caching .flv's until needed

Hi all!

I’m having an issue trying to pre-load at least a portion of a series of .flv’s.

I have an externally loaded .swf which has animations of 4 MediaDisplay components which are loaded into the animation swf with .attachMovie().
The .flv’s were set in each instance of MediaDisplay using the Component Inspector.

Now since the calls to .attachMovie are done dynamically ( when the previous one is almost finished it loads the next in queue and plays it ) I’m having a hard time trying to find a way to preload a portion of each .flv so they start playing right away as soon as the _parent container mc’s start their animations ( fade/ fly-ins, etc ).

Can I create an object as a holder to call the .flv’s just so they can be cached throughout the presentation until they are needed? Or is there another way to get them to cache a bit so they will play immediately when called upon?

Any suggestions/ help is greatly appreciated.