Help with education

hey im just 16 so i dont really classify myself as any kind of a designer yet, not compared to most of u guys anyway…
but im looking around for good courses, mainly in flash and photoshop, but probably dreamweaver and web design too

by the way i live in australia but im looking for the best, so anywhere in the world is fine


Theres no need to swear and laugh mate.

Zacus, your probably in year 11 like me but if you want to experience some of the courses, you should try and ask your careers advsior about going to tafe on certain school days. This is a really good start to get to know web design in a professional sense. You might think tafe is crap because university is better and thinking senior studio directors would go for the top guy but its not that case anymore. For one thing, learning and taking a course in web-design needs you to be creative and having great insterest to explore new environments and able to create something inspiring. You dont need know top qualifications to have a successful career in web-design. If you took courses through tafe, like Paul said, University is more on the theory side of web-development just like IPT. Paul said “It dosent matter how well you know photoshop, if your not creative and you cannot translate your idea onto a media, then it’s all a waste.” I think thats really important. If you just memorise how to do this and that rather than knowing pratical ideas and procedures, than your in the wrong course. From my opinion, Tafe is the best way to discover and take your skills and crativity into the real world and taking that course Paul said is a good option. If your really serious about taking this path than work hard at it. Its not use doing it and than giving up later. If you have spare time, pick up a copy of Desktop magazine as it has some information regarding design colleges such as Computer Graphics College down in Sydney.

now to courses, i had previously completed a 3 year course at Hornsby tafe “Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design” and i must say it was a great learning experience, but as you might of known the course has changed now to what is called “Visual Communications”.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Visual Communications? They made it sound technical. Should have kept it with graphic design. Hey Paul regarding the course you did, you said the courses are more specfic now. If for example I had good interest in graphic design, motion (flash) and 3D would I be choosing to do 3 separate courses or are they all combined under Visual Communications?

thanks Minimal, I think the basic theory learning is the same, and what i mean by theory is teaching colour wheel theories and a run through of things you should/need to know. Then i believe later in the course your electives are more specific. I will get some hard evidence for this then get back to you guys.

:: edit :: regarding the course’s new name, this was actually the name of the course the university was running at the time i applied, i believe its based on the new media out in the design world.

funny enough, my research on tafe website it seems that Visual communications is a module now part of a course? im not sure if the website has been updated, if you want i’ll be in tafe the next few days and i can go past and see what they are calling it now.

this is what i found. (scroll down to the design section)

i think this is a course you might be interested in.

and i believe this is the course that i did.

but that last link (course) seems wrong to me, from what i know it has changed, ill see what i can find out.

If you’re wealthy enough, and have good grades to be accepted, one of the top design uni in the US is Savannah college of A&D:

This thread on cgtalk might help; even though it’s more 3d than webdesign:

Looking at the tafe sites you have given me has given me a scary realisation of what career choices im taking up. The links are really good and beneficial to Zacus. I gradually insighted really good interest with flash and graphic design but I might not be sure I might even consider taking it as a career path after the HSC. A big part thats scares my wits is that if I actually take and finish a course at tafe for example and Im ready to being able to work for a firm, I might not be able to do client work, its just I dont see how I could come up with new ideas every time for each new project. But I probably admit to myself as just designing and picking up skills with ps and so forth as a hobbie and nothing as a career. I hate myself for being that i dont actually have particular skills in one area but in different small areas and not any specific one making my career choice difficult.

Those are some good links and good reads, but does anyone know of a college or university that also offers programming. Not like C/C++/Java, but PHP, ActionScript, CSS, XML etc.

I’m thinking of going to a major (Big 10 or equivalent) University for 4 years and getting a degree in Computer Science, then going to Fullsail for 2 years to get based in the graphic stuff, and then from there apply my knowledge in the programming area to whatever I’m interested in doing at that point, be it Web Design or Software Development, or something new that has developed by that point. Anyone have any opinions on if that’s a good or bad idea?

thanks alot guys thats some great advice,
tafe sounds good, i could see how 4 years of theory in uni would get kinda borin even if it was helpful.
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I hope you choose the right career path and stick to it :wink:

Great stuff, it seems as though I’m most certainly not the only 16 year old from Australia with these questions.

From what I’ve read Soulty most of the 3/4 year degrees in melbourne are like you said. They do a whole lot of general theory for the first two years but let you choose the field you want to excel at in the last years. I think this is a good idea as after two years of designing im sure you will know by now what field you want to enter. Rather than having to decide on a specific course and then realising half way through it’s not for you.

I think us up and coming Year 11 students should band together to form our own firm aka KirupaForumDesign :wink:

waddaya think?

Oh, also, work experience was the best thing I ever did. The first one I went and worked with a local(rural) multimedia group and the other one a print designer in Melboune. They deffinatly made the most impact on my mindset as to what I want to be and gave me a taste of a very large chunk of the spectrum.

The more people you meet in the industry the better and the more likely you are to get a job.