Help with email submit form

Could someone please help me. I need to create a single text field with submit button. The user will simply enter their email address and press submit and it will be sent to an email address of my choosing.

Thanks a ton!


What are you using behind the scenes. What I mean is that form my email form I used an ASP page to process the variable using the Request.Form object. But I was running a windows server and I was able to use CDONTS. I guess that is my question what server and program language. I am not totally sure flash can do it with some help help from ASP or something.

If your web host supports PHP you can have it running in 10 minutes. If not you can use Perl - just takes more fiddling. There are tons of tutorials on the subject. Run a search for them. If you’re stuck - post again.


I will assist you if you are sure that your website supports asp. Contact me at [email protected] and we can begin.

Jamie Michels