Help with feedback form

I am using Flash 8 and wanted to create a feedback page that would email me the results in the message of an email. The flash site has several pages one of them being the feedback page. I would like to have the form have input / radio and drop downs. The 2nd frame of the page would be a thank you message. I at one point was thinking it would be easy to have what was sent disply in the 2nd frame but since I can’t get anything to work when I create it I gave up.

I am totally confused after reading about 100 tutorials about creating a form in flash that sends via PHP. Seems like there are so many different ways to do this…Kirupa seems to have the best examples and most knowledgable users…I can use the various sample files and edit them to work just fine. However these are simple and just have a name/email /subject and message. When I try and edit the fla and php and add additional input boxes and radio and drop down components. I can not get the email to be even be sent, Flash doesn’t even recognize the submit button to go to frame 2…
I am at dire ends and after 2 weeks am giving up and asking for some help.

I have posted the source files here…

Any help would be most appreciated.

Totally Lost