Help with flash web site - Tabs / Sub tabs

Hi Im still learning about flash as I go, I have not really encountered many problems until now and I just cant get my head around it so hopefully some one can point me in the right direction.

What im trying to do is create a web site where there are 5 different tabs (at the top of the screen) and when clicking 1 of the tabs the relevant details are displayed in the contents window (this bit I can do) the problem that im having is that once selecting one of the tabs a further 3 buttons appear to the left of the contents window and then by clicking the buttons it displays more info in the contents window. These buttons needs to be different under every tab. Essensally the tabs at the top will be headings i.e Traning and the buttons will be different types of traning projects.

I have been able to create the tabs and then create the buttons under that tabs, i can get the details to display in the content window but when clicking another tab the previous tab detail is still being shown. Ive tried everything i can think of but I cant make it work, so please any help would be greatly recived before all myhair is pulled out.