Tabing out of flash

Hi I have a accessibility issues. 2 questions

  1. I am trying to get flash to not go on in a loop when i click the tab key between my buttons and actually get back into the HTML after it hits all the buttons. Is there a function to force the flash to get back into the html after the SWF?

  2. I am trying use the tab key to get through my flash on a filmstrip type app and for some reason the left or right buttons you can tab to but the middle bar to get to the items doesn’t work. the buttons are inside a movie clip. I have tried using all the below things i found and none of it works! any help would be awesome!

var p = panel.panelItems;
var c = panelcoin.panelItemsCoins;

    p.forceSimple = true;
    p.tabEnabled = true;
    _root.p.kuettner._accprops = new Object(); = "Marks Bio";
    p.kuettner.tabEnabled = true;
    panel.tabChildren = true;
    left.tabIndex = 1;
    p.tabIndex = 2;
    right.tabIndex = 3;
    rightcoin.tabIndex = 4;
    c.tabIndex = 5;
    leftcoin.tabIndex = 6;
     leftcoin.onKillFocus = function (  newFocus  ) {