Help with frames

Im trying to implement a system with a flash movie in one frame that opens html documents in a second frame. There is a tutorial on this site that explains the proceedure. However, when I try to duplicate the phenomenon with my own flash movie, it never works. Even if I use the provided ziped html files. They work with the tutorials flash movie but not mine.

Any ideas? Thanks!

When using HTML frames you will of course need to give each individual frame a name (this is a requirement whenever using HTML frames).

In your Flash movie you need to target your frame through your getURL.

on (release){
getURL("yourFile.html", "frameName");

Both of those must be in double quotes as I have it up there. yourFile.html is of course whatever file you want to load in the frame, and frameName is the name of the frame you are targetting.

I did all of that, its so wierd. Here is the really strange part. I tried to make some other buttons work in my movie and the rest of them seem to work ok. Why would one button not work? There is something tiny and stupid that I did wrong. Any ideas?

Thanks again

Hmmm, that is really weird. All other buttons work, except that one :-\

Ok, what happens when you click it? Nothing? Or a 404 File not found error?

Also… Sometimes Flash likes to get buggy with that. Did you try scrapping that button and starting over? (last resort)

Can you post an example .zip file that contains all the files?

It is wierd isnt it? Every other element of this interface is working beautifully. I deleted the button and started again but I used the same object for the library. What Im going to try next is just deleting the entire layer and rebuilding it from scratch. I have a class to get to (this interface is part of my senior capstone project). If that doesnt work Ill post the source.

Thanks again, wish me luck!

I wish you the best of luck. I hate problems like these… so tiny, yet enough to destory an entire project.

i get that too sumtimes and then eventually when i look at the button again i realise i forgot some kind of coding on it!!

make sure u have .html or .htm on the page u want to open in the frame. I normally forget to put that =)