Help with game :-\

I need a little help with my game. I’m making a game like missile command and I duplicate the missiles that you fire and the enemy missiles that fly down. When you fire missiles it like overwrites the enemy missiles that fly down. I know it has something to do with the depth when I duplicate the two movie clips but I dnno how to fix it so that they don’t overwrite eachother.

I tried searching and nothing really helped me. I tried using something like…

duplicate(_root.missile, “missile” + m, m)
duplicate(_root.enemy, “enemy” + e, e)

and that didn’t really work either… I need a hitTest to work with the duplicated movie clips and I found something that I thought would work when searching but didn’t :expressionless: So if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it :smiley:

Heres the .fla for it…