Help with hompage!

Hey all,

I really need some help here! I am trying to do something quite ambitious (for me) and have tried many different ways to do it with not much success…

The effect I am trying to achieve I have seen quite a lot, i think the best example of what I mean is here

On the left when the page is loaded are images + text that on(rollOver) expand and retract depending on the users selection to reveal more info. I want to achieve the same thing but with much more simple content: only a big text headline and a text box and no scrolling.

Here is a link to what im working on:

So, on the homepage when a user rolls over a headline the other headlines would slide away and a box of news text would be revealed.

I have seen tutorials on menu systems which are similar but function horizontally and have spent days trying to convert these into something similar…

Has anyone seen any tutorials on this kind of thing? Or even any source files that relate

Help/direction always much appreciated