[menu] pre-made scripted menu

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone can help me with the following.

First of all, i have created (dont laugh, it is just a simple example) a concept of what i want.


Figure 1, is how the whole movie will look like where there are 3 or 4 blocks
Figure 2, shows what happens when user hovers over block 1, this is when the other blocks slide to the other end.
Figure 3, is what happens when user rolls over to block 3, and the other blocks collapse to the other side

And when the user is away from the movie all blocks slides to figure 1 again

Problem is , is that i have 1 big image that covers the entire movieclip for each block and i want that when user hovers over a block ,that the image inside is shown in full

I know that something like this exists and i have seen it before on other sites a long time ago, but i you know what happens - if you want something you cant find it anymore.

Maybe someone can help me with this ?

Big thank you in advance :slight_smile:

P.s. i am NOT looking for the accordion component in Flash as this is not the same effect as i would like to have