Help with Hover Caption (yep, again)

Sorry to post another thread regarding the Hover caption tutorial.

I’ve followed it word for word and it works perfectly…You click on a button > you go to the next scene. Perfectly until I return back to the main scene with the hover caption (main menu scene) and the hover caption follows the mouse everywhere (whether you are on a button or not).

I’ve attached the file because I dont think Im explaining myself too well.

Hovering over the square shows “about me” hover caption. Clicking on it takes you to the ‘about me scene’. To return to the main menu click on the ‘menu’ button. Notice the orange caption box is following the mouse? That is my problem.

Its probably simple but any help appreciated. Cheers.

[AS]on(release, rollOut) {
_root.x = 0;
_root.caption.words = " ";


Thanks for the quick reply.

That tweek has solved 99% of the problem.
The remaining 1% is that the orange hover appears for what looks like 1 frame then turns off (like it should be).
Why could this be?..Or should I just accept the fact that its nearly perfect?

Can you post your .fla?


Yeah, here goes.

The orange hover box does flash on for about 1 frame on return to the menu scene.

Thanks for the help scotty.

[AS]on(press, rollOut) {
_root.x = 0;
_root.caption.words = " ";
should work


Sussed it scotty, thanks for the help.

no problem:thumb: