Help with image editing online please

My friend and I came up with an idea for a website about an hour ago (it will probably never get done) and we need some suggestions on what technologies to use. Here are the basic needs:

-users should to be able to make posts on the site
-the posts should include text and a single image
-the posts should be able to be edited/deleted by admins

wow, so far it sounds like a forum written in php
trust me, it’s not a forum (although php is sitting in my mind). it will be much more stylized with a specific purpose.

ok, here are the tricky requirements.

-before an image is sent with a post it needs to be edited. it needs another image placed on top, preferably drag and drop. the second image would be smaller than the posted one and i would like to ability to resize it as i place it.

the image editing sounds like a job for flash where as the rest sounds like php. i may be answering my own question by suggesting that they could be used together to get the desired site, but i would really appreciate anyone’s unique ideas on how this could be done.

i am comfortable with flash, xml, php, java, and c#. i have access to a mysql database, but i have never used it (except for phpbb).

Thanks for your help!

i’d say you could use flash for the actual “resizing” and then have it send variables to a php page and have gd edit the picture. (I think that’s what you meant, being able to change the size of the actual image not just the display size)

well, i don’t care about the size of the image that is posted. take this as my example (this isn’t what the site is about): the user posts a picture they have taken of themselves. they then drag one of three colorful masks over their face. the mask would need to be resized to fit the face correctly. that is the kind of effect i’m trying to achieve. that may not change your answer. thanks

with that, i’d think you’d be better off using flash and not gd, and doing the masks as vector, and saving their _height _width _x and _y in the database, along with the link to the image that they uploaded.

cool, thanks, i think i could manage that. i’m also wondering how the posts should be stored. xml?

Does a flash app on a website have the ability to load files off a user’s computer?

I think that’s possible, but only in some browsers. May 1 Reboot had an image uploader in flash.