Help with Image Gallery in

I have taken on a website for redesign and have been asked to fix a few code problems as well. I am only familiar with CSS and HTMl and some PHP, but can pick up coding pretty quickly if needed.
The lady has an image gallery in which she uploads a thumbnail and then the regular sized image along with a caption. The page is capturing her text and recognizing that an image is being uploaded, but all I get in the online gallery is a block or image place holder stating it’s a broken image and nothing is uploaded into the library where all of the images are stored. Any suggestions as to where I should even start looking for the problem? Here is the code for the “save” button on the upload image page- not sure if that’s where the problem lies:

    <asp:ImageButton ID="btnSave" Runat="server" ONMOUSEOUT="window.status=''" onMouseOver="window.status='Save';return true"
                                            imageurl="../images/btnsave.gif" OnClick="btnSave_Click"></asp:ImageButton>
                                    <td> </td>
                                        <asp:hyperlink ID="hlCancel" Runat="server" imageurl="../images/btncancel.gif" ONMOUSEOUT="window.status=''"
                                            onMouseOver="window.status='Cancel';return true" NavigateUrl="../management/admin_gallery.aspx"></asp:hyperlink>

and here it is for the browse buttons:

<input type="file" runat="server" id="fThumbnail" NAME="fThumbnail" class=box3>
                                <asp: panel ID="pnlThumbnail" Runat="server" Visible="false">
                                    <asp:HyperLink id="hlThumbnail" CssClass="orangelink" Runat="server"></asp:HyperLink>
                                </asp: panel></SPAN>
                        <TD COLSPAN="2"><SPAN Class="bodycopy">Large Image<BR>
                                <input type="file" runat="server" id="fLarge" NAME="fLarge" class=box3>
                                <asp: Panel ID="phLarge" Runat="server" Visible="false">
                                    <asp:HyperLink id="hlLarge" CssClass="orangelink" Runat="server"></asp:HyperLink>
                                </asp: Panel></SPAN>

Any sort of help or direction would be greatly appreciated.