Help with laptop choice?


I’m thinking of getting this laptop, because it’s the only one in the Sony range which is within my budget. (Darn expensive Sony…)
I’m not totaly decided yet, and before I decide I need to ask a few questions because sony is incredibly vauge as to what actualy comes packaged with the laptop.

  • Does the AC Adapter/Charging cable come packaged with this? It’s on the list of accessories you can buy in addition it, does that mean you have to buy it seperately?

  • Is there anything else I need to use the laptop which does not/might not come packaged with it? Battery packs maybe? I know how terrible Sony is about selling essential parts of their hardware seperatley. (I couldn’t use my PSP for a week because nobody told me I had to buy the memory card seperatley.)

  • Is this laptop wireless compatible? It probably is, because its a fairly new model, but I just want to make sure.

  • I am looking at a few alternatives from Dell, HP and Acer. Are these the right places to be looking for good Laptops under £600? Do you recomend or discredit any specific laptops or brands?

Thanks. :mountie:

EDIT - Sorry. I posted this thread twice by accident. I can’t seem to delete posts I guess only mods can do that.