Help with linking movie

hi All,

I trying to like a mvie in my menu. can some one help me? what I need to do is load imagevue in the fashion button. The code they say to use is
loadMovie(“imageVue.swf?folder=content/group/imagefolder/”, target)

I have the site in a folder called flash and the imagevue in a folder inside the flash folder called upload.


here is my menu code:

//----------------<contact us option>-----------------\
MM_contact.onRelease = function () {
this.enabled = false;
_level0.myMCL.loadClip(“contact.swf”, 5);
//----------------</contact us option>-----------------\
//----------------<fashion option>-----------------\
MM_fashion.onRelease = function () {
this.enabled = false;
//----------------</fashion option>-----------------\