Help with loading external SWF's (with transitions)

This is an odd problem to describe, so please bear with me.
I am developing a portfolio flash page where I have external SWF’s being loaded into (container) movie clips. Now, I also followed the kirupa tutorial on “Transitions Between External SWFs” to transition between my external SWF’s that are being loaded into the containers. I was able to get the transitions working, but the problem is that when I preview the flash page, my external SWF’s do not load properly. What happens is that when I click the “illustrations” button (for instance) on my main menu, my secondary illustration buttons appear below. Then when I click on the “logos” button (next to the “illustrations” button), the SWF’s transition okay, but instead of the secondary logos buttons appearing, the secondary illustration buttons (from before) keep reappearing. I tried to see what would happen if a different button was pressed first and what I realized is that the first button pressed on the main menu always works (for instance, I press either “Illustrations”, “Logos” or “Posters” first on my main menu and those work, but any button (on the main menu) pressed after that will transition into the set of secondary buttons that was just previously displayed. If you need to see what I mean, go to:

Click on the “Print” button and then either, “Logos” “Posters” or “Illustrations.” You should see the secondary buttons appear below. Then click on one of the other two buttons (ex: if you clicked “Logos” first, click “Posters” or “Illustrations” next). You will see what I mean.

I think its just a matter of identifying which external SWF to jump to, but I can’t figure it out. Can someone help me out? Thanks so much!