Help with loading movies

hi everyone!

I just had two questions…first I was loading a sound into my movie by

  1. placing the sound in a separate and saving it with a name ex. sound.swf
  2. then on my original movie on a new layer I placed an action script in the
    first frame…loadmovie(“sound.swif”,1)
    but it is not working?
  3. I have done this before but I cannot remember if I am missing something!

Now if I am right, once I have the sound loaded in how can I make the
sound stop once the view clicks on to a new scene of my movie?

I have checked creating a sound bar…but that forces a user to manually turn
the sound on and off.
I have checked the tutorial how to load a movie but I don’t want the view to bring in the sound I just want it to play then have the choice of turning it of or
I have also checked the tutorial creating a sound bar but thats not helping me…anyone out there please try to answer my three questions above

Why not just load it dynamically?

Define a sound variable

music = new Sound();

Then give it an address

music.loadSound("", true);


music.loadSound("C:\myfolder\mymp3file.mp3", true);