Help with loadmovie function in Flash MX

Hello! This is my first time posting to this forum (or any forum for that matter), but I was especially impressed with the tutorials I found here. I am redoing my website completely in Flash, but I need to know how to use previously-made .swf files in my .fla file. I realize this is done with the “loadmovie” function and I did the tuturial found at It was so well explained. Anyway, I tried to use what I learned here and apply to my website. I basically copied everything I did in the tutorial (except the navigational button part). I mainly just replaced the “main_content.swf” with the name of my .swf file to be used (AngelDown.swf). But no matter what I do, or where I store the .swf file, I cannot get it to come up when I “Test Movie.” If for any reason you need it, here is the .swf file I’m trying to use. (of course a smaller version)
What I want is for it to automatically start playing (and looping) when someone loads or goes to the website.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!