Help with machine spec

Hey all -

Give me flash, photoshop and all my tools, and I am totally on top of my game. When it comes to hardware etc, Im a total noob LOL ( even after 12 years in digital design LOL)

Can anyone help with the following spec of a machine I may buy from a mate… To me it seems pretty good. But then again, what do I know? — any advice would be helpful, on whether this machine is a good buy :slight_smile:

It will be used for mainly web DEv, Flash etc … no real 3D / video editing.

Ita a Pentium 4 2.4 hyperthreading processor.
A gigabyte 8knxp mother board with 4 sata slots 4 ide slots raid capability Dual bios onboard sound card. exc exc.1 gig of dual ddr400 ram. A g-force fx 5600, 256 mg graphics card with dual monitor outs & tv out. A 80gig ide hard drive. A dvd recorder & writer .A server Case 50 + cm tall. A 300watt power suply, A cordless mouse & a keyboard.